The Leaf

Captured - HFF!
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He fell from the tree, his life flashed before his eyes, he is gliding down, down, down. A gust of wind shimmying against his five corners. He has a hint of yellow in his soft orange/red body. Most of his friends are up or down. “I might see you guys again” he told them. His adventure has begun, but was interrupted by the fence in his way.

What do you see?

10 thoughts on “The Leaf

    • Hi, Brooklyn
      Yes I did make up that little story:) I hope that there are more great posts on my blog as well <3
      Have a turtle filled day!
      Sincerely Chloe

  1. Hi Chloe my name is Lorelai. I love how you said so much detail about this leaf. I wish you put more about like I wonder how much of the leaf was still on after it fell. Please come and see my blog at

    • Hi Lorelai
      Thank you:) I will try to be more interactive with my words on my next post.
      Have a turtle-filled day!
      Sincerely Chloe

  2. Hi Chloe it is Annika

    I really liked your poem / story what I see is a leaf that fell from the tree and got stuck in a fence . this picture actually reminds me of something I have seen a leaf that looks exactly like that it got stuck in a fence.

    Sincerely Annika

  3. Hi Chloe it is Savannah and I read your post. I liked how you gave the picture a meaning at the end of the story when you said that it got stuck in the fence. I wish you would have said a little more so fit would make a little more sense. I wonder why you choose that ending for the story? Please feel free to come to my blog and leave a comment at this website

    • Hi Savannah,
      Thank you for the advice 🙂 I will be sure to come visit your blog. In my next story I will make it more fit to the story.

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