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10 Disadvantages of being Santa Clause


Weihnachtsmütze auf weißem Weihnachtsbaumschmuck
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Well Santa’s job would seem like the best job to have but if you really think about it it can kinda stink. Here are some disadvantages of being Santa 🙂

#1 Santa has to get up really early to get ready to travel around the world.

#2  If there are like a billion kids in the world and all of them put out treats for Santa you would get really sick from eating all of them.

#3 Santa has to take care of a lot of elves and eight reindeer.

#4 Santa has to travel really high to get to all of the houses of children so if you were scared of heights it might not end well.

#5 Santa has to deal with sleigh dysfunction be for Christmas so there are no problems on Christmas Eve.

#6 Santa has to work out a lot so he can burn of all of those cookies. 

#7  Santa has a lot of different names so he has to put a hole bunch of names for Santa on all his gifts and find the right name to fit what the family calls him.

#8 You cant have very many friends besides the elves and his wife because no one can see him.

#9 You have to have a wife.

#10 If you are a girl and you want to be Santa you have to become a boy.

And those are my ten disadvantageous of being Santa Clause.

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Derek Sheppard: Brilliant Brain

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Derek Shepherd , don’t mistake him for a dog. He is a character in a series called Grey’s Anatomy. He is the brain surgeon. In Grey’s Anatomy, he has a nick-name which is Mc Dreamy 😉 He has saved many lives but lots have slipped through  his fingertips. He is very good at his job. I think he shows lots of successful learning traits. If you get the time, watch it!!!! P.S there are 14 seasons.   


I think that Derek shows a lot of compassion in his work by thinking of others feelings but knowing what they need, like the medication they need, if they need a craniotomy, all of that doctor stuff. He worries about his partner Meredith and will just about anything for her. She is his soul mate!!  


He is industrious because He works hard on making sure the lives of his patients are safe and he will do his very best to make sure they go home fixed and healthy. He is the only brain surgeon in the hospital and he is one of the best! Being the only brain surgeon in the hospital means that he has to do all of the craniotomy’s but the lucky thing is that he can ask a intern or resident to help him in his surgery’s.

Risk Taking 

He is definitely a risk taker because doing surgery on the brain is defiantly harder then you think. Any surgery would be hard but the brain is the hardest in my perspective. If he was to make even one little mistake the life of his patient is on the line! That is a lot to take in. But in the show he loves his job very much. The patients take a risk as well because they are the ones who need to get the surgery and they have the risk of not being that same as how they were be for surgery.

Derek Shepherd is still one of my favorite surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy I hope that you will watch it but just to let you know there is a lot of blood and guts in it!          



Don't bite, I'm just chocolate!!

A dark night awaits the laughter and smiles of children on Halloween. There will be candy, costumes, and decorations that light up the sky! Fireworks will blast off and make little sparks, flying from the ground to the dark, sparkly night sky. The >>fire-works are like very loud stars, they will disappear in seconds as the light dims from your eyes.

People answer the door with smiles as children speak with there soft voices saying, Trick or treat” as they get the sweet, sugary, candy filled bags. The little bags will drop down, down as they touch the rest of the wrappers and candy that has met the bottom.

Children will run and play as the sun goes  down into the mountains as the big, bright moon pops up from its hiding place.

When the time is up and they have to go home, they beg and plead to stay a bit longer”Just a bit longer. ” they will say, but they must go home. As they walk home the door to their house swings open and they kick of their shoes to let their sore feet breath. There is a little sigh of relief as the kids run to dump out their candy to see what they got.

“It’s time,” Mom or Dad would say.  The day is over and now we must sleep.

What is Halloween to you?

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The Leaf

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He fell from the tree, his life flashed before his eyes, he is gliding down, down, down. A gust of wind shimmying against his five corners. He has a hint of yellow in his soft orange/red body. Most of his friends are up or down. “I might see you guys again” he told them. His adventure has begun, but was interrupted by the fence in his way.

What do you see?

About Me

Hi, Everyone!   

My name is Chloe I go to a school called Brooklyn Elm in B.C in Canada. I have two brothers. My parents are not together which means that I do not live in just one house.

My hobbies when I’m not in school are, hanging out with friends (if that is a hobby), art, and gymnastics. At home, I have seven pets. The pets I have are two puppies, two fish, two cats and a bunny rabbit.

I have never had a blog before so I am new to all of this blogging stuff.  My favorite school subjects are art and gym. Maybe if you have time comment in the comment section what your favorite school subjects are?  

I hope you all have a turtle-filled day 🙂  

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