Death in Space

Pop goes the weasel

“I`m coming in for a landing” Katy mumbled to her old radio.  Her space ship plopped down on the oozy gooey planet ground. “Sloop” goes the spaceship door. One foot after another she steps out onto the planet, and right before her stood a very large cave cover with shiny, slippery diamonds. Katy makes sure that she is all attached to her ship and off she goes.

“Wow there are so many diamonds in this cave” she thought to herself. Katy bounced back and forth from path to path in the cave she found the one thing she was looking for. “Oh yeah” she floated across the cave and stopped with a jolt. The thing she was looking for was a color changing diamond that could heal any sickness with its power.

Katy griped it like she was trying to hold onto someone falling off a cliff. With a nice tug the diamond became loos and each time she tugged it got looser and looser.

“Pop” the diamond came out of its place shooting back at Katy and breaking her breaking a hole in her glass ball on here head. Gasping for breath she started to get light headed and for some reason her head started to get bigger and bigger filling up her visor “Pop” goes Katy`s head.

And she never was heard from again!

Derek Sheppard: Brilliant Brain

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Derek Shepherd , don’t mistake him for a dog. He is a character in a series called Grey’s Anatomy. He is the brain surgeon. In Grey’s Anatomy, he has a nick-name which is Mc Dreamy 😉 He has saved many lives but lots have slipped through  his fingertips. He is very good at his job. I think he shows lots of successful learning traits. If you get the time, watch it!!!! P.S there are 14 seasons.   


I think that Derek shows a lot of compassion in his work by thinking of others feelings but knowing what they need, like the medication they need, if they need a craniotomy, all of that doctor stuff. He worries about his partner Meredith and will just about anything for her. She is his soul mate!!  


He is industrious because He works hard on making sure the lives of his patients are safe and he will do his very best to make sure they go home fixed and healthy. He is the only brain surgeon in the hospital and he is one of the best! Being the only brain surgeon in the hospital means that he has to do all of the craniotomy’s but the lucky thing is that he can ask a intern or resident to help him in his surgery’s.

Risk Taking 

He is definitely a risk taker because doing surgery on the brain is defiantly harder then you think. Any surgery would be hard but the brain is the hardest in my perspective. If he was to make even one little mistake the life of his patient is on the line! That is a lot to take in. But in the show he loves his job very much. The patients take a risk as well because they are the ones who need to get the surgery and they have the risk of not being that same as how they were be for surgery.

Derek Shepherd is still one of my favorite surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy I hope that you will watch it but just to let you know there is a lot of blood and guts in it!