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 Glorious Sky!!

 It’s a beautiful little town. I live in the Comox Valley and I love it here. There isn’t very much here but there is a lot you can do. Here are some of my favorite things to do.

My first favorite thing to do is go swimming in the summer time at Comox Lake and jump off of the bridge. The water isn’t super warm but it has its warm spots. It is really beautiful but you always have to be aware when the damn is open because the current can be really strong and suck you under.

There are lots of restaurants but my favorite one is defiantly Atlas it is on 6th street in Courtenay. My favorite thing to get there is probably the burrito or enchiladas they are very delicious.

I do gymnastics at the Comox Rec Center and >>i have been going there for 7 years so since I was 5. I love doing it and I have been in a couple competitions and got some golds, silver and 2 bronze.

If you ever come and visit the Comox Valley, be sure to check out the amazing places.

Have a turtle-filled day!


6 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Hi Chloe my name is Jess and I am from Oamaru New Zealand and I came across your blog I love Comox and Courtenay as well my favourite place is the early bird cafe and hot chocolates its near the atlas cafe we went over to Canada 2 years ago now I love it there my family lives over there as well. Your writing is AMAZING almost perfect here is our class blog if you want to check it out http://rm5ois.edublogs.org/ from Jess

    • Hi Jess,
      Thank you very much I have only been to the early bird once but i have been Hot Chocolates and Atlas alot.

    • Hi Rijja,
      It does snow where I live but you can never tell when it will snow. thank you for commenting.
      Have a turtle-filled day
      From Chloe

  2. Hello Chloe My name is Annapug from Cape Town.
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  3. Hi Chloe!
    Wow, Comox Valley looks incredible! I love swimming in lakes as well! What type of gymnastics do you do? I don’t do it, but I would (some day) love to give it a try!
    If I ever come to Comox Valley, I will be sure you let you know!

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