Harris Burdick: Mr Lindens Library

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Mr Lindens Library

As she walked out of the library, she felt a cool breeze dangle down her spine. With a shiver she started to go home. As she reaches her home door she goes to unlock it. She drops her keys looks up the door was already open almost like someone was holding it that way. ” Maybe I forgot to lock it” she mumbled to her self. It was late that night and she decided to read her new book then go to bed. Tiredly she climbed into her silk white sheets like a bear going into hibernation. Snatched the book from her dresser and started to read. She tilted her head slightly to see the time it read 11:30. With a sigh she put the book down and fell into a sweet slumber. Bang! The book fell to the floor opening. Inside vines started to pour out of the book . The vines kept coming and coming, climbing up the dresser and on the bed. They trickled up her arm, down her leg. She woke up taking a huge breath and trying to rip off the heavy vines. Scrambling and squealing for help it was no use the prickly vines had possessed her body. With one more scream a vine slithered down her throat. She was helpless…