10 Disadvantages of being Santa Clause


Weihnachtsmütze auf weißem Weihnachtsbaumschmuck
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Well Santa’s job would seem like the best job to have but if you really think about it it can kinda stink. Here are some disadvantages of being Santa 🙂

#1 Santa has to get up really early to get ready to travel around the world.

#2  If there are like a billion kids in the world and all of them put out treats for Santa you would get really sick from eating all of them.

#3 Santa has to take care of a lot of elves and eight reindeer.

#4 Santa has to travel really high to get to all of the houses of children so if you were scared of heights it might not end well.

#5 Santa has to deal with sleigh dysfunction be for Christmas so there are no problems on Christmas Eve.

#6 Santa has to work out a lot so he can burn of all of those cookies. 

#7  Santa has a lot of different names so he has to put a hole bunch of names for Santa on all his gifts and find the right name to fit what the family calls him.

#8 You cant have very many friends besides the elves and his wife because no one can see him.

#9 You have to have a wife.

#10 If you are a girl and you want to be Santa you have to become a boy.

And those are my ten disadvantageous of being Santa Clause.

Creative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

9 thoughts on “10 Disadvantages of being Santa Clause

  1. Hi Chloe! I am a college student at Stockton University in Pomona, NJ. I loved the creativity behind your blog post! I always thought it would be so cool to be Santa Clause. I had never taken the time to think of all the disadvantages till reading your post. Your post made me open my eyes and perhaps I wouldn’t ever want to be Santa Clause. I think I will leave the job to Jolly old Saint Nick himself. I love your point # 2, there are so many children throughout the world and that is a lot of snacks to have to eat! I think I would have a belly ache or even want to take a nap. Which I know I couldn’t because I would have many children relying on me to bring them their presents. Thank you for your insight and the great blog. Keep on writing you have a wondeful imagination.

  2. Hi Chloe!

    My name is Emma! I live in North Carolina, USA. (My blog is http://24emmab.edublogs.org/page/2/) I love this blog post! It was so funny! I had never really thought of anything bad in Santa Clause’s life, only the good things! Today was rainy and kind of gloomy and this definitely brought out the sunshine!

    I hope to see more blogs like this in the future!

  3. Hi Chloe! My name is Claire! I go to Durham Academy, same as Emma and Charlotte, we all have the same teacher! I absolutely loved this post! I have never thought of the downside of being Santa. This post was super funny! It made me smile! Be sure to check out my blog! http://24claireo.edublogs.org/
    Make sure to comment! Thanks so much!

  4. Dear Chloe,
    I totally agree with you. I never thought that there would be disadvantages. I thought eating cookies was great but I guess you do have to work out.

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