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A dark night awaits the laughter and smiles of children on Halloween. There will be candy, costumes, and decorations that light up the sky! Fireworks will blast off and make little sparks, flying from the ground to the dark, sparkly night sky. The >>fire-works are like very loud stars, they will disappear in seconds as the light dims from your eyes.

People answer the door with smiles as children speak with there soft voices saying, Trick or treat” as they get the sweet, sugary, candy filled bags. The little bags will drop down, down as they touch the rest of the wrappers and candy that has met the bottom.

Children will run and play as the sun goes  down into the mountains as the big, bright moon pops up from its hiding place.

When the time is up and they have to go home, they beg and plead to stay a bit longer”Just a bit longer. ” they will say, but they must go home. As they walk home the door to their house swings open and they kick of their shoes to let their sore feet breath. There is a little sigh of relief as the kids run to dump out their candy to see what they got.

“It’s time,” Mom or Dad would say.  The day is over and now we must sleep.

What is Halloween to you?

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4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Hi Chole, my name is Anjahney and I am 18 and still to this day I go trick or treating or take my little brother out. The way you describe halloween is the way I’ve always acted. As I got older it was a little easier for example I was able to stay out longer and kind of do what I wanted but overall you described it so well.

    • Hi Anjahney,
      Thank you, trick or treating is very fun and yes as you get older it gets a bit more fun:)
      Thank you for commenting.
      Have a turtle-filled day ~ Chloe

  2. Hi Chloe,
    I’m Maddie and I really like the structure and wording of this post. You make halloween sound so poetic! Halloween to me is a time to dress up and do silly things with your friends because nobody knows who you are. Have you ever played some kind of prank on someone on halloween?
    Maddie (http://24maddiek.edublogs.org)

    • Hi Maddie,
      Thank you. I have never played a prank on someone on halloween but that is a really good idea. Thank you for commenting.
      Have a turtle-filled day.
      From Chloe

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