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Hi, Everyone!   

My name is Chloe I go to a school called Brooklyn Elm in B.C in Canada. I have two brothers. My parents are not together which means that I do not live in just one house.

My hobbies when I’m not in school are, hanging out with friends (if that is a hobby), art, and gymnastics. At home, I have seven pets. The pets I have are two puppies, two fish, two cats and a bunny rabbit.

I have never had a blog before so I am new to all of this blogging stuff.  My favorite school subjects are art and gym. Maybe if you have time comment in the comment section what your favorite school subjects are?  

I hope you all have a turtle-filled day 🙂  

Sincerely, Chloe    


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Chloe, My name is Chloe also! I enjoyed your blog about who you are and what your favorite hobbies are and what your favorite school subjects are! My favorite school subject is reading class! Hope you have a great day! Sincerely, Chloe

    • Hi, Chloe
      That is very cool that we have the same name.My self personally I don`t like to read but it is cool that u do. I don`t know that many people with there favorite school subject reading.
      Have a turtle filled day!
      Sincerely Chloe:)

  2. Dear Chloe,

    My favorite hobbies are practically exactly the same as yours, except I am not the biggest fan of making art. I am also new to this blogging stuff, I just started this year at school. It is so cool how you have seven pets! I only have one. My dog is a chihuahua mixed with a pomeranian. I used to have fishes, but they have unfortunately all passed away. I have never owned a cat or a bunny rabbit, but I do wish I had a bunny rabbit. Make sure to check out my blog, and while you are there come finish my short story, here is the link: https://goo.gl/KLZXgZ

    Giselle M.

    • Hi Giselle,
      Thank you, your dog sounds like he is very cute and that is sad that all of your fish passed away. Bunny rabbits are nice to have but they can be hard to work with they like to go to the bathroom a lot! I will hope to take a look at your blog.
      Have a turtle-filled day:)
      Sincerely Chloe

  3. Dear Chloe,
    I also enjoy art, but we don’t have that subject in our school. Other than that my favourite subject is probably science because at my school, we do some pretty cool experiments. So far we have done experiments with paper airplanes, last year we even had to dissect a frog and a sheep heart. Have you done any cool experiments and if so what are they? Be sure to check out my blog!! https://goo.gl/ZHirAX


    • Hi Madison,
      That must stink that you don’t get art in your school. We don’t do very much science yet in class but the coolest experiment i have done would have to be when we extracted DNA from a blackberry. I will be sure to check out your blog:)
      Sincerely Chloe

  4. Hi Chloe!
    I really like your about me post!
    How long have you been doing gymnastics?
    You and Briana did an awesome gymnastics routine in front of the class!
    I know some gymnastic moves but not very many.
    I have pets at my house too!
    I have a cat named Spartacus and a dog named Tory.
    I also do art at home!
    Morgan .

    • Hi Morgan,
      Thank you. I have been doing gymnastics for almost 7 years now 🙂 I think that me and Briana and I did a pretty good gymnastics routine as well. You are also very good at gymnastics. I have seen your dog Tory before she is very cute. I really like the art that I see you do in class is very good.
      Have a turtle filled day.
      Sincerely Chloe

  5. Dear Chloe,
    I really like your post. My dad id from Canada and Most of my family lives there also. I came to visit Vancouver and Victoria. My favorite subject in school is Language arts. I have 1 pet that is a dog. I used to do gymnastics, but I stopped doing it. How long have you been doing gymnastics? Maybe you can come check out my blog goo.gl/garhic.
    Sincerely, Jaya M

    • Hi Jaya,
      I have been doing gymnastics for at least 7 years and I will be sure to go visit you blog.
      Thank you for commenting!
      Have a turtle-filled day ~ Chloe

  6. Hi Chole,
    I completely understand on the separate home part. As I was growing up I had two homes as well. I also have two brothers. I am the oldest. My favorite hobby is hanging out with friends too. ( If that even counts like you said LOL). I am new to all this blogging as well. It is kind of weird to me. I am having a hard time adapting to it and find what to say. Sometimes I feel like what I write does not even make sense sometimes.

    Wendy. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy,
      We have a lot in common I guess. Thank you so much for taking your time ti comment on my blog:)
      Have a turtle-filled day ~ Chloe

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