The Leaf

Captured - HFF!
Creative Commons License A_Peach (offline until Xmas) via Compfight

He fell from the tree, his life flashed before his eyes, he is gliding down, down, down. A gust of wind shimmying against his five corners. He has a hint of yellow in his soft orange/red body. Most of his friends are up or down. “I might see you guys again” he told them. His adventure has begun, but was interrupted by the fence in his way.

What do you see?

About Me

Hi, Everyone!   

My name is Chloe I go to a school called Brooklyn Elm in B.C in Canada. I have two brothers. My parents are not together which means that I do not live in just one house.

My hobbies when I’m not in school are, hanging out with friends (if that is a hobby), art, and gymnastics. At home, I have seven pets. The pets I have are two puppies, two fish, two cats and a bunny rabbit.

I have never had a blog before so I am new to all of this blogging stuff.  My favorite school subjects are art and gym. Maybe if you have time comment in the comment section what your favorite school subjects are?  

I hope you all have a turtle-filled day 🙂  

Sincerely, Chloe